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Men in Love
Director Yutaka Ikejima and others will hold a teach-in after the show.

A film that brings together a number of themes close to the gay. Part 1, My Brother's Lover, introduces Takeo, a college student living with his sister. He not only has been unable to let her in on his sexuality, but he also hasn't quite explained his true relationship with Riku. One day, when Riku comes over in search of some affection, Takeo's sister is soon convinced she's in love. In Part 2, Akihiko, weak in the knees over his straight friend, finds himself constantly victim to babysitting for his heartthrob's baby. Yuki, Akihiko's "part-time lover" can no longer stand to see him being used, or run ragged by the baby. Could love and child-rearing be just as hard when you're gay? This gay porn film was directed by Yutaka Ikeshima, currently active in the adult film business.
Dir./ Yutaka Ikejima
2002 / JAPAN
35mm / 61min