Prices & outlet

-Single (only valid for the designated date and session)
Advance 1,400
At the door 1,600

-Four-Session Pass
(no restrictions on the date or sessions/only sold in advance)
Advance 5,000
-Festival Pass
(valid through the entire festival/ only 100 passes issued/ chance to get a free original festival poster!)
Advance 12,000
At the door 14,000

-Weekday Matinee (one session)
Advance 1,100
At the door 1,300

-Tickets will be sold at the door during the festival.
-Four-Session Passes do not allow you to specify dates or sessions.
-You must exchange your pass for a ticket at the door each time, therefore, please note that we are not responsible for any sessions that may be sold out.
-Four-Session Passes may be shared with other people.

Purchase Options for Advance Tickets
-Pia (available until July 14th) Tel:03-5237-9999
-Spiral Office (4th floor, Spiral Building; available until July 16th) Tel:03-3498-1171
-Lumiere (available until July 14th) Tel:03-3352-3378
-Love Piece Club (available until July 14th) Tel:03-5226-9072
-Internet (See website for details, URL: http//www.rainbowreeltokyo.com)
-Postal Transfer (until July 3rd/ make funds payable to LGFF, Acct# 00130-2-131530)
When purchasing tickets by postal transfer, write the type and number required in the remarks column (for single tickets, write your preferred date and session/ when ordering more than two Festival Passes write the name of each individual who will be using it). Pay the total ticket cost at your nearest post office. You can exchange your receipt for ticket(s) on the day.
Upon Admission
-There are no reserved seats.
-You will be issued a number upon arrival at the venue (this does not apply to Festival Pass holders), and patrons will be admitted to the theater in order. Make sure you get a number as soon as you arrive and stay near the door and wait for your number to be called.
-Doors will be open 15 minutes prior to the showing. Note that if you are not present at the time your number is called, the person with the next number will be admitted before you
-Numbers will be issued starting at 6 pm on July 17th, and starting at 11 am on other days.
-If you have a Four-Session Pass, note that you cannot receive a number until you have exchanged your Pass for a ticket assigned to a specific session.
-If you have a Festival Pass, please sign in when you first arrive at the festival, and we will give you an original poster.
-If you have a Festival Pass, you have no need to receive a number. You will simply be given priority at admission.
-If you are a ticket holder with an assigned date and session, or a Festival Pass holder, please note that we may not be able to seat you if you are not present at the time of admission.
-Elevators are not available.

Standing Tickets
-Standing Tickets will be issued once all seats for a given session are sold out. Standing Tickets will go on sale 10 minutes prior to the showing of the movie. Note that the numbers of Standing Tickets are limited.

B1 Exit Omotesando Sta. of Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line, and the Chiyoda Line
For more information, contact:
Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Tel: 03-5380-5760
Fax: 03-5380-5767