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July 2009
Fukujusou (Pheasant's eyes)

Saturday, JULY 18, 9:10 PM / SPIRAL HALL (Spiral 3F)
Sunday, JULY 19, 2:15 PM / SPIRAL HALL (Spiral 3F)

Secret love between sisters-in-law from a novel by Nobuko Yoshiya

Based on a novel by lesbian writer YOSHIYA Nobuko (1896-1973), it is the story of a tender, heartaching relationship that develops between a delicate adolescent girl and her elder brother's wife. That this is a silent feature only heightens the sense of amazement at a film like this being made in 1935.

The screening will have live narration by SAWATO Midori, an internationally-renowned Japanese narrator of silent films with a career spanning 36 years in a male-dominated field. There will be another screening with SAWATO's pupil KATAOKA Ichiro, who will narrate from a contrasting male point of view.

A true silent-film atmosphere would not be complete without live musical accompaniment, and the Film Festival is delighted to have YANASHITA Mie perform during both screenings.
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Japan, 1935, 67 Minutes, 35mm

Original Title: Otome-Series sono-1 Hanamonogatari Fukujusou
Director: KAWATE Jiro
Language: Japanese (with Live narration by "Benshi" for Silent Film)

With the Assistance of: National Film Center NFC

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