Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay film festival

2012/ 9/14(金)~17(月/祝)
会場:スパイラル ホール [Map]



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TILGFF One-Day Screening in Spring

TILGFF celebrates its 22nd anniversary this year. Ahead of the festival in July, there will be “TILGFF O [...]

Check out the LGBT-themed art exhibit “LGBT ART 2012” held simultaneously with the festival!

Corresponding with the film festival, the LGBT-themed art exhibit “Alfa Romeo presents LGBT ART 2012: be yours [...]

Consul Linehan to speak on Vito after film!

We are delighted to announce that Consul General Patrick J. Linehan from The U.S. Consulate General,Osaka-Kobe [...]

Films for “Asian Boys Shorts” and the “Rainbow ReelCompetition” have been selected!

As previously announced on Facebook and Twitter, films for “Asian Boys Shorts” and the “Rainbow Reel Competiti [...]

We have received additional messages of support!

We have previously received messages of support from all kinds of people and organizations, but now manga writ [...]

Call for donations! Let’s raise 500,000 yen for the TILGFF!!

There’s less than a month to go until the TILGFF opens, on September 14, 2012! We’ve been receiving many messa [...]

Now advanced tickets are available at Ticket Pia.

Single tickets (designated date and time) and Four-screening passes (no restriction date and time, advance tic [...]

Two lead actors from “Men to Kiss” are coming to TILGFF!!!

Frank Christian Marx and Udo Lutz, Producers / Lead Actors of “Men to Kiss”, will be attending the [...]

TILGFF will be participating Save the Pride! Come visit our booth! 

  Tokyo International Lesbian&Gay Film Festival is participating Save the Pride! on August 11th at th [...]

“Cloudburst””Margarita”— Announcing the 7th and 8th Films on This Year’s Program

Announcing the Selection of the 7th and 8th Films! Two comedies that will have you laughing out loud! “Cloudbu [...]