Welcome to the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.
This is that time of year we all have been waiting for.

As you may have noticed, media exposure of sexual minorities — gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, among others — has increased of late. But do you know of anyone around you that actually is a “sexual minority?”
Some studies say that one person in 20 is a sexual minority. Such a large number of people have been and may still be caught in a deep crevasse of sexual identity, unable to move. But I believe there is a softer and more subtle border among different sexualities, like the gradation of colors.

This film festival presents movies with themes depicting sexual minorities. But it is not a film festival only for those “minorities.”
This is a place where individuals living in this same world gather simply to enjoy movies together. And I hope it continues to be that kind of place. We would be pleased if you could take this opportunity and for a moment think about our mutual coexistence, not only through film but also through the other events taking place during this festival.

Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Committee Director
Hideki Miyazawa