We appreciate the many encouraging messages to our festival!


Chizuru Azuma/Actress, Get in touch Inc., Chairman of the Board

Without realizing it, we in fact already are living amongst various kinds of people.
“Different strokes for different folks.”
Everybody has their own unique look and dramatic story of life.
We may learn about their stories through books, lectures or symposiums, but those require a little extra effort. In that sense, movies are much more approachable.
You can enjoy them with your family, friends, or on dates.
Movies are powerful in that way.
TILGFF is a well-established movie festival, celebrating its 23rd anniversary.
Don’t miss it!


Asako Makimura/Personality, Writer

There is the expression, socchi-kei (those folks), which is used to imply those with a “deviant” sexual orientation.
I feared I would be drawn in by those “deviant” folks if I were to take part in events for lesbians or gays.
I cowered, all the while pretending to be part of, not those “deviants,” but the “normal” people on this side of the divide.
It was then that I noticed a friend openly browsing through the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival program.
I asked her, ”Do you like this kind of thing?”
She replied, ”I like whatever is interesting.”
It’s really that simple.
Simply have a wonderful time.


Travis Fine/Actor, Writer, Producer, Director

Hi, this is Travis Fine. I’m the writer, producer and director of “Chocolate Donuts (Any Day Now)”. I want to congratulate Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. I hope you guys have a wonderful festival, very successful. And thank you for all of your support for our film. All the best.
Message movie


Xavier Dolan/Actor, Director(Jury Prize Winner at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival)

Good luck with the festival! Keep up the good work!

『トム・アット・ザ・ファーム』より © 2013 – 8290849 Canada INC. (une filiale de MIFILIFIMS Inc.) MK2 FILMS / ARTE France Cinéma ©Clara Palardy


Ryosuke Hashiguchi/Film director

Everyone wants to be something.
Sometimes the way you realize that may differ from others.
You may feel the strain, you may get lost,
you may get hurt, you may feel pain,
but still your life goes on.
In the end you’ll become the real you that you wanted to be.
That’s just the way you are.


Taiji Utagawa/Cartoonist

The one film from the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival that I remember most is a Spanish film called “The Bulgarian Lovers”.
It was a humorous story about a melancholic middle aged man who pathetically fell in love with a handsome young immigrant, but the boy was only interested in the man’s money. I couldn’t believe someone made a film for middle aged gay men! If it weren’t for this festival, I would never have seen this film, a treasure in my life.
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to see such great films every year.


Fumino Sugiyama/Representative of Tokyo Rainbow Week 2014

Just a few days ago I opened a restaurant called Irodori (“coloring”).
I named it that because my motto is, “Difference is what makes life colorful.” Lots of different people, defying categories, come together for delicious food and great art works, right? Whether it’s LGBT characters in a film with a lovely story, or whether the staff or the people sitting next to you at a restaurant where you’re having a terrific meal happen to be LGBT, I think it would be wonderful if everyone naturally accepted LGBT people and felt closer to them.
This film festival has been making society more colorful for 23 years, so let’s keep on coloring the town!


Hiroko Masuhara&Koyuki Higashi/Representative Director and Director, Trois Couleurs Co., Ltd.&LGBT activists

Congratulations to the 23rd Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.
We just love this film festival, and we’re sure we’ll find inspiration and have many encounters this year as well.
We also hope the festival will provide encouragement to many people and become a chance for them to start living their own lives.
All the volunteer staff have our gratitude for supporting this event.


Wataru Ishizaka/Member of Nakano Ward assembly

In recent years, in places like Setagaya, Nakano, Toshima and local governments in other prefectures, there has been a noticeable movement toward developing policies regarding LGBT issues, with city mayors and ward chiefs appearing at events involving sexual minorities. This has gradually raised awareness of the presence of sexual minorities in our society. I believe a reason for this change has been the distribution of information to various places via film festivals featuring sexual minorities. The Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival has my respect as the starting point for these kinds of film festivals to happen. Let’s keep spreading the movement even further!


Aya Kamikawa/Setagaya Ward Councilor

Our society consists of people living with various genders and ways to love.
This is the truth, whether you can see it or not.
What’s more important than superficial “common sense” are the diverse stories of life and love told right before our eyes!
I hope you will enjoy the thrill of them at the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.


Taiga Ishikawa/Member of Toshima Ward Assembly.Representative Director, Peer Friends

I’d like to extend my congratulations to the 23rd Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.
The festival began in 1992 with 2 film selections, one of which was ‘OCCUR Takes It’s …… To Court’. It was about a court case in which the plaintiff sued a facility in Tokyo that refused to accommodate him as a guest because of his sexual orientation, and ended with his historic victory. A few years later, the case became a great cornerstone for me when I read about it in a textbook as a law student in college. I’ll be very excited to see the big rainbow flag again this year, which has become a cornerstone to so many of ‘us’, suitable for ‘Pride’.


Yoko Narita/Executive Director, Aomori International LGBT Film Festival

Congratulations to the 23rd Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Last year was my first time to attend the festival and party, and I had a wonderful time reuniting with friends and having new encounters. I’m grateful the festival has become a place where I’m sure to meet someone. I’m excited to see what films will be shown this year.