The 25th Rainbow Reel Tokyo announces this year’s film festival venues, dates, opening film and retrospectives


■The 25th Rainbow Reel Tokyo – Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival –

Venues and Dates

The 25 th Tokyo Rainbow Reel, previously the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film
Festival, will be held from July 9 – 18, 2016, at the venues Cinemart Shinjuku and Spiral
We will also be holding the “Le Grand Bal”, the film festival’s official party.
At this party, we will look back on the film festival’s 25-year history as we reminisce about
the past, hope for the future, and enjoy the present.
To celebrate our 25 th festival, the staff are currently preparing several special events.
Updates will be available through our website and social media.

【The 25th Rainbow Reel Tokyo ~Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival~】
◇July 9 (Sat.) ~ July 15 (Fri.), 2016 – at Cinemart Shinjuku ※Night shows only
◇July 15 (Fri.) ~ July 18 (Mon.), 2016 – at Spiral Hall

【Le Grand Bal】
◇July 8 (Fri.), 2016 – at Restaurant Bar CAY (Spiral, B1F)

■Opening Film and Retrospectives

Rainbow Reel Tokyo is pleased to announce the opening film for the screenings at SpiralHall, and the retrospectives commemorating our 25th festival.
We are currently coordinating the rest of the program in order to deliver these movie gems from around the world to as many viewers as possible. We will be announcing the full lineup very soon. Stay tuned!

【Opening film for the Spiral Hall screening】
Summertime(La Belle Saison) Dir:Catherine Corsini 2015|France, Belgium|105 min|French ★Japan Premiere

1971. Delphine, the daughter of farmers, moves to Paris to break free from the shackles of her family and to gain her financial independence. Carole is a Parisian, living with Manuel, actively involved in the stirrings of the feminist movement. Their encounterturns their lives upside down.

【25th Festival Commemoration – Gregg Araki Retrospectives】
『Mysterious Skin』
Mysterious Skin Dir:Gregg Araki 2004|USA|99 min|English
At the age of eight, Kansas youngsters Neil and Brian played on the same little league baseball team. Now, ten years later, the two boys couldn’t be more different. Neil is a charismatic but emotionally aloof make hustler while Brian is a nervous introvert obsessed with the idea that he has been abducted by a UFO. When the boys’ parallel lives inevitably intersect, the pair unearth dark, repressed secrets on a harrowing and unforgettable journey of self-discovery.

『The Living End: Remixed and Remastered』
The Living End: Remixed and Remastered Dir:Gregg Araki 2008|USA|85 min|English

A postmodern story of l’amour fou propelled by a hardcore-industrial soundtrack, THE LIVING END explores the sexual and fatally romantic consequences of gay male attraction in the 90s. The film focuses on the dire relationship between a pair of young outcasts – Luke the rootless hustler, and Jon, a freelance writer whose life and stability are devastated when he finds out he’s HIV positive. With literally nothing to lose, they set off on the lam into the desolate, quasi-surrealistic American Wasteland.

【Gregg Araki】

Gregg Araki was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1959 to Japanese American parents. After graduating from University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts with a MFA in Film Production, he made his directorial debut with a low-budget film “Three Bewildered People in the Night” [1987]. With his third film “The Living End” [1992], Araki became known as one of the pioneers of New Queer Cinema. He kept making films throughout the 1990s and earned a cult following with “Teen Apocalypse Trilogy”; “Totally F***ed Up” [1993], “The Doom Generation” [1995] and “Nowhere” [1997]. In the
2000s, Araki achieved international success with “Mysterious Skin” [2004] (Official Selection for Venice International Film Festival) and “Kaboom” [2010] (Queer Palm winner at Cannes International Film Festival). He keeps working actively in theindependent film industry.