We appreciate the many encouraging messages to our festival!


Ataru Nakamura/Singer,Lyricist,Composer,Actor

When I meet new people and we become closer, I talk to them about my sexuality. I ask them if they know what LGBT stands for. Some say yes and some say no, but nowadays they all pretty much listen to me with interest.
No one likes to be judged, right? But these days I’ve felt less discrimination toward my sexuality from people whom I’ve gotten to know. To me, this means that everyone is capable of being kind to others after they get to know them.
I believe that watching films is a good opportunity to feel and see the emotions of LGBT people and those around them, as film can express things that you can’t easily see in everyday life. Film festivals are a good place to get to know others—even for those who don’t tend to judge other people, or those who are usually not interested in learning about people who are different from them. And getting to know others is the first step toward being able to practice kindness.


Hirotada Ototake/ Writer

“Let’s think about sexual minorities!” You call out, but it’s hard to get people’s attention. It might be too challenging for them to think about sexual minorities. Yet, when introducing the topic through movies and novels, people might accept it. They may say, “oh, okay.” They might get curious. I hope this festival will open the door to understanding. Wishing you success, sincerely. Hirotada Ototake, Writer


Cathy/Community Worker,Freelance Writer

As a gay man, it’s hard to find myself in mainstream movies. Although there are films with queer stories, they don’t often get as much exposure. This is exactly why events like Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival are so important for us. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful space to share all the queer stories for another year.


Chizuru Azuma/Actress, Get in touch Inc., Chairman of the Board

The Lesbian & Gay Film Festival brings us a variety of social and human issues, as well as indignation, suffering, and joy. Whether it’s through laughing, crying or moaning, these movies will shock you at some point or another, while also opening your eyes to things you may have never thought of. It’s simple. Everyone wishes to live happily, cheerfully and sincerely. Don’t think too hard; just watch as many of these films as you can. Surely you will find plenty of hints with which to break down the invisible walls that exist in our society and between individuals.


Fumino Sugiyama/Representative, Tokyo Rainbow Pride

As we laughed and cried while taking part in the recognition of same-sex partnerships in Shibuya ward this spring, it felt like being inside a scene from ‘The Case Against 8’ film. Movies are the best tools from which to learn things from history, and in turn pass them on to the next generation. Will our experiences now also be depicted and projected on the screen someday? LOL! I look forward to this festival every year.


Hiroko Masuhara&Koyuki Higashi/Representative Director and Director, Trois Couleurs Co., Ltd.&LGBT activists

on the 24th Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.
We would like to send our most sincere gratitude to those who worked so hard to make it happen. This year, there might be people who have come to the Festival for the first time because the LGBT community has received a lot of attention due to the recognition of same-sex partnership in Shibuya ward. Films are something that connects our hearts beyond our different experiences and backgrounds.
Through the Film Festival, we hope that you, LGBT or not, will develop a rich spirit of togetherness.


Wataru Ishizaka/Nakano ward council

This year,
Shibuya ward recognized same sex partnerships—and other local governments have also gradually started to increase awareness and services for LGBT residents.
In recent years, TILGFF has screened many films that deal with partnership,kinship, and friendship, along with their connection to society. Everyone who transcends the borders of sexuality while sharing the space of the filmfestival in turn becomes more empowered to connect with their friends and society. It is, in fact, the accumulation of such small steps that works to make social change.


Taiga Ishikawa/Toshima ward council

Congratulations on the 24th Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. This year, the act of same-sex partnership was passed at Shibuya ward. After watching everything from the committee’s discussion, gatherings of opposition parties, plenary debates and press conferences after enactment, I felt like I created a film inside my head. Once we had dreamt of a good future in films, but now we have partially obtained a
world just like that. What future will films bring us next? Summer is coming once again, bringing huge excitement with it.


Shuto Yoshihara/Artist(SECRET GUYZ)

People have their own sense of time, their own ways of thinking, their own ways of seeing and their own ways of living. There is no one single correct answer! Differences bring out individuals’ unique attractive qualities, and each one of us is a special human being. I hope that your lives will be enriched through this film festival.


Taiki Ikeda/Artist(SECRET GUYZ)

Congratulations on the 24th year of the festival!
I wasn’t scared…I was just afraid to open the door. Yes, I was. It’s simpler and better to just feel whatever you feel, however, instead of cramming your head full of knowledge. Add colors, and just let it be a mess…it’s all fine! If you feel something at the film festival—even just one single thing—that means you will have created your own colors on your own life palette. Isn’t that intriguing?


Yukichi/Artist(SECRET GUYZ)

If you scroll down through the calendar on your phone, it’s endless. 100 years, 1000 years, 10,000 years…In the future, when I am probably no longer alive—I mean, definitely not—I want this film festival and its films to be remembered. The world will probably be different by then…and I hope that everyone will be flashing their own dazzling colors. With this in mind, I will try to shine brighter from within.


Asako Makimura/Personality, Writer

I had felt that I couldn’t say it. That I like girls.
“Are you her friend?”
someone asked me. Almost automatically, I nodded. But she wasn’t. It was my mother-in-law who spoke up, saying, “She’s not a friend. She is my
daughter’s wife. They’re married.”

It’s always encounters with others that make people change. You might be afraid to talk to someone…but you might be introduced to someone else via the movie screen.

I hope there are lots of happy encounters at this year’s festival.


Scud/Film Director

ISocrates famously said that: “An unexamined life is not worth living”. It is not incidental so many great artists and philosophers have been gay. Being minority enable them to reflect on their lives differently, and live to leave a difference. I am grateful to my mother for granting me the ability to appreciate masculine beauty. I wish I was bisexual.


Hong Khaou/Film Director

CONGRATULATION @tokyolgff, 24 years, what an incredible achievement! i’m honoured to be part of that journey.


Anaïs Demoustier/actrice

Good luck for the festival! Hurrah for Transsexuals!