Rainbow Reel Competition2015

Japanese films come to the forefront in this competition, which is surely ne of the most unique collections of films you’ve ever seen.
Your vote will help decide the grand prize!

◆“Leave us alone”: Coming out to one’s homophobic best friend
◆“Please let me marry your daughter”: Rui, who is FTM, tries to get permission from his girlfriend’s parents to marry her.
◆“PHANTOM JENNY”: Mito, who is MTF, has a feeling of phantom erections.
◆“My own void”: Coming-out music video by artist Takashi Matsuyama
◆“From the bottom of the vortex”: Kiko gives up her love for her best friend.

This program is a competition, whereby the Rainbow Reel Prize is decided by audience vote.
The program also includes stage remarks from the film directors and actors. (Please be advised that there may be changes or cancelations regarding these appearances.)

☆All non-English films have English subtitles.


7/20(Mon) 16:10~ @Spiral Hall

1.『leave us alone』

leave us alone

leave us alone
2015|Japan|34 min|Japanese


Haruki is a typical straight guy who looks down on gay couples and thinks that there is something wrong with being gay. And then, when his best friend comes out…

2.『Please let me marry your daughter』

Please let me marry your daughter

Please let me marry your daughter
Dir: Hiroki FUJIMOTO
2015|Japan|15 min|Japanese

[Comedy] [Human]

Rui, who is FTM, has a girlfriend, Junko. One day, Junko brings Rui home to introduce him to her parents…



Dir:Kazuomi MAKITA
2015|Japan|29 min|Japanese,Thai

[Comedy] [Human]

Mito, who is MTF, has a feeling of phantom penis erection following her reassignment surgery…something she is unable to share even with her FTM lover, Shiro.

4.『My own void』

My own void

My own void
2014|Japan|7 min|English
Official Site


This music video was created as a leading clip of “Categolibidorize,” a performance by artist Takashi Matsuyama. It includes filming done in Thailand and Finland, as well as an appearance by famous Nagoya-based drag queen Angelica.

© 2014 Takashi Matsuyama/Terra Incognita company all rights reserved.

5.『From the bottom of the vortex』

From the bottom of the vortex

From the bottom of the vortex
Dir:Kozue NOMOTO
2015|Japan|27 min|Japanese

[Romance] [Human]

Kiko secretly loves her best friend Ri, although she keeps her distance. And then, when Ri introduces Kiko to her lover…