Beautiful male BL comic artist, Kou Usaki’s comic book signing!

We are happy to announce the book signing event by Kou Usaki, a comic artist who made his debut in 2015 in a boy’s love comic magazine “Rutile”! Kou Usaki will be signing the comic book “Boku no Hontou no Hanashi (my true story)” bought at the event kiosk or any bookstore.

Even if you don’t come to the signing, you can still get his original leaflet by simply showing a new or used Rainbow Reel ticket!

The signing is scheduled to start at 16:30 on July 16 (Sun.), at the specially set up booth in Spiral Hall. It’s an opportunity too good to miss!

【Beautiful male BL comic artist draws his own life! A first sale memorial comic book signing】
Time & Date: July 16 (Sun.) @16:30
Place: Spiral Hall (Spiral 3F) 5-6- 23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Special Gift: Present a new or used Rainbow Reel ticket and get the original leaflet!
※You can have the comic books bought at the event or any bookstore signed.

Kou Usaki is a comic artist. With his nostalgic girlish comic style, he made his debut in 2015 in “Rutile”, a boy’s love comic magazine.
It was a good chance for him to come out as gay.

He was for a long time an assistant for Shou Arai, a comic essayist (“Seibetsu ga, Nai!”, 15 total volumes, published by Bunkasha & others) and appeared in his essays as “Kou-kun, the assistant”, much loved by the readers for his pretty looks and lighthearted speech.