About screenings

Q:I would like to see non-English language films. Are they shown with English subtitles?
A:All the films screened at the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival are available in both Japanese and English.
All non-Japanese language films are shown with Japanese subtitles and English subtitles are provided with all non-English language films.

For visitors using wheelchairs

Q:Can I watch films while using a wheelchair?
A:Yes. Please contact us through the phone number on your ticket by your mobile phone upon your arrival. Our staff will come to the entrance and bring you to your seat.
(For inquiries about tickets and wheelchairs: 070-1404-5368)

About taking photos at the venue

Q:Can I lake photos at the venue of the film festival?
A:Photography is not prohibited in the foyer and lobby. However, please refrain from taking photos without permission from the people photographed and uploading the photos on the Internet (including Facebook, twitter and other SNS) without permission. The rules on taking videos are the same as those on photography.
Also, in a hall during a screening, please refrain from taking photos, both video and audio recording, eating, drinking and smoking

To the press

As this film festival focuses on the theme of sexuality, we need your cooperation for the protection of the audiences privacy.
Please understand that any use of cameras and video recorders are prohibited unless you obtain a permission and press armband from us after signing a privacy policy statement.
If you plan to cover the film festival or interview our guest at the film festival, please contact us beforehand.

Regarding books of 4 tickets and Spiral Pass

Q: Can I use my book of 4 tickets/Spiral Pass in other places besides Spiral Hall?
A: No, the 4 ticket books and Spiral Pass can only be used in Spiral Hall. You cannot use them at other theaters.