We appreciate the many encouraging messages to our festival!
※no particular order.

Charlotte Kate Fox/Actress

I’m so pleased to voice my support for the Rainbow Reel Film Festival.
Especially now, in such volatile times, I continue to stand in solidarity with the dreamers, shakers and movie makers so that they can continue to cultivate understanding and inspire change within our communities.
We must move past intolerance and violence.
I am proud to support any community that sides with love, not fear.

Yuji Mitsuya /Voice actor, Multi-creator

Personality is diverse. LGBT people also have their own personalities that can’t be constrained by this label. Film is an important media that shows us the differences in personality. By watching LGBT films, I reconfirmed that I’m good just as I am, and I learn the joys and sadness of LGBT people other than me. Also I learned a lot from watching movies as a play writer and director. I’m looking forward to see what I discovering this year.

Ogimama/Education Commentator; Professor, Hosei University

LGBT is no longer considered a minority. According to research, it is said that in Japan 1 out of 13 people’s gender identity/biological sex/sexual orientation can’t be clearly divided into the male/female dichotomy. This ratio is the same as that of left-handed people. I hope that more and more people understand the gradation of sexuality and that they show the same lack of discomfort to LGBT people as the do towards people who hold a pen or chopsticks in their left-hand. I expect Rainbow Reel Tokyo will promote people’s understanding of the diversity of sexuality!!

YASUTOMI Ayumi/Professor, Institute for advanced studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo

It’s not that people are “lez”, “homo” or “transvestite”; but that there’s the pretext of using sexual orientation or gender identity to discriminate. The problem lies with those who find some excuse in their mind to discriminate against others. I expect this film festival to be an opportunity to heal human society from violence by healing the injured soul from the distorted desire to discriminate against people as well as LGBT individuals.

Gengoroh Tagame/Gay Erotic Artist

Each person has their own drama, and each place has a different drama. With each such accumulation, you can see the diversity of things that can’t be expressed in one work. Or perhaps it’s the universality of things that go beyond the difference that can be seen. I support Rainbow Reel Tokyo as a valuable opportunity to touch that diversity of the world.

Tomimura Cota/Illustrator / Cartoonist

Congratulations on the 26th Rainbow Reel Tokyo!!
I, as a 26 years old, draw scenes of LGBT people’s everyday lives in the cartoon, “We are LGBT”.
I believe that films which introduce diverse values around the world and Rainbow Reel Tokyo, which spreads those values to audiences, have enabled us to have this kind of everyday life.
I wish Rainbow Reel Tokyo success and hope that all people can enjoy a more free and comfortable life.


Masamichi Yoshihiro/Movie journalist

Film is the great media which is connecting the people and cultures of various countries. That’s why the only sexual minority festival in Japan, that’s counted 26 openings, has continued to be supported for many years. In recent years the surroundings of the LGBTQ community have been rapidly changing in many countries. Which is why it is necessary to strengthen solidarity in culture, and the film festival makes a great contribution to that end. I hope that everyone will enjoy, celebrate, and feel united at the festival this year.

SECRET GUYZ(Shuto Yoshihara・Taiki Ikeda・Yukichi)/Idol

Congratulations on holding the 26th Tokyo LGBT film festival – Rainbow Reel Tokyo!
Each year, we are all looking forward to know what new films we encounter at the festival.
As each of us build in our own place the rainbow bridge that connects pallets of many different colors, we would like to take part in building the bridge also in the world of entertainment – the same industry this film festival shares.
For our evolving future, one step at a time.

Fumino Sugiyama/Representative, Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Congratulations on your 26th Anniversary! A record number of people – about 110,000! – came to Tokyo Rainbow Pride this year and I can’t help feeling day-to-day that it’s creating more social interest in the diversity of sexuality. At times like these, a film festival such as this is a very important opportunity to discuss, think, and feel from a different perspective altogether. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, we can discuss through laughter and tears. What great films can I see this year? I’m looking forward to the film festival!

Koyuki Higashi/LGBT Activist

Congratulations on holding the film festival this year too!
We are big fans of the festival who look forward to visiting every year.
The pride we feel when seeing the Rainbow Flag raised in front of the venue won’t change even no matter how many years we experience it. We sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved.
If you have not visited the film festival yet, please come to the venue this year. Touching, wonderful movies and the enthusiasm of the venue will warm your heart and you will be proud of yourself.
People who have known the film festival for 25 years, and people who just recently learned about LGBT, let’s watch the films together in the theater!

Hiroko Masuhara/Hiroko Masuhara/LGBT Consultant

I have lots of LGBT movies that pushed my back in my life. If I didn’t have the opportunity to watch these movies, I’m sure I may not have a positive life like now. “Hash!”, “Boys Don’t Cry”, “Buenos Aires”, “All About My Mother”, “Bent”, “Time to Move”, “Torch Song Trilogy”, “Philadelphia”, “High Art”, “Milk”, “Woman Love Woman”, “Strawberries and Chocolate”, and brilliant inspiring movies at this film festival. I will visit the venue this year with a heartfelt gratitude.

Taiga Ishikawa/Councilor, Toshima Ward, Tokyo

Congratulations on the 26th Rainbow Reel Tokyo. In the past year, society has changed significantly. From June, the first “same sex partner” system began at government ordinance. Toshima Ward also promoted the partner system to “review”. Recently some local governments have tried to do LGBT measures and they said that they are motivated by watching LGBT movies. I think promotion of LGBT measures depends on how many LGBT people they will meet in person. I hope this film festival which shows many parties in Japan and the world will expand further.

Wataru Ishizaka/Openly-gay Councilor, Nakano Ward, Tokyo

“Gayby Baby,” a documentary movie about children who have gay parents was screened last year. In Japan, there are lesbian couples who have children from a previous marriage or through sperm donation, children whose one parent is transgender, or gay couples who’ve became foster parents; but there are still some people who have negative feelings about LGBT individuals having children. However, to create a society where children can grow up freely and healthy at school and in their own areas, please have many of your friends come to the festival, watch movies together, and imagine the future.

Edy/Committee Director, Ehime LGBT Film Festival / Rainbow Pride Ehime

We take courage from the works we encounter at Rainbow Reel Tokyo, where there is the pleasure of watching films on the big screen with friends. We have the opportunity to think about our lives and lifestyles through watching the films. There are many films we want to share with people in rural areas.
Activities in rural areas are very difficult, but we are expanding in each region to promote understanding of sexual minorities. We are trying hard to make everyone’s home towns more comfortable so that it will be okay for people to come home.

Manami Ejiri/Committee Director, Osu Rainbow Film Festival

The situation around LGBT is changing every day. The production of LGBT films has also increased compared to the past, but every year we look forward to the works that can only be seen in Rainbow Reel Tokyo. We are looking forward to watching films with many people this year and sharing our feelings. Even in Nagoya, we will continue to follow your example!