Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay film festival

2012/ 9/14(金)~17(月/祝)
会場:スパイラル ホール [Map]



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The TILGFF aims to increase the visibility of LGBT people, and share the charm of LGBT cultures.
Today, more LGBT people are able to accept their sexuality and come out, while more people
around them and society at large are also rapidly becoming more accepting of LGBT people.

In these changing times, seeking out and selecting films that show the diversity of LGBT people
and lifestyles, and the various ways we connect with friends, family, and society is the most
important aspect of this film festival.

However, to continue to be able to hold the TILGFF, Fundraising is inevitable.

You might think that the TILGFF will go on every year, even without your support, because it has
for 21 years. But you would be wrong.

Your support is vital to continue this joyful and thought-provoking film festival.
Let’s support the TILGFF and have fun together!

Your contribution will be used strictly to fund the TILGFF, which we’re hoping to make more fun
and participation-encouraging than ever.

■How to donate to the TILGFF:

1. Please deposit into the account below
◎From the Japan Postal Service Bank
Account name: Tokyo Kokusai Lesbian and Gay Eiga Unei Iinkai
Reference #: 10160
Bank account number: 21253511

◎From other banks
Name of bank: Yucho Ginko (Japan Postal Service Bank)
Name of branch: 018
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Name: Tokyo Kokusai Lesbian and Gay Eiga Unei Iinkai

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We really appreciate your contribution

TILGFF committee