Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay film festival

The 21st Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay film festival
2012/ 9/14(fri)-17(mon)
Venue:Spiral Hall [Map]

The 21st Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay film festival has closed

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Program: Rainbow Reel Competition

失恋スプリンター/Heart Break Sprinter
監督:浅沼直也/Dir:Naoya Asanuma

ノイズが言うには/Thus A Noise Speaks
監督:小田香/Dir:Kaori Oda

監督:宮崎光代/Dir:Mitsuyo Miyazaki
2011|Japan, USA|25min|Japanese

ごくごくふつーのっ!/Quite Ordinary
監督:Studio LUNCHBOX/Dir:Studio LUNCHBOX

The short film competion for discovering film makers in Japan; The grand prix will be decided by audience voting.

Heart Break Sprinter
Two girls are 100m sprit runners. How is their love going?

Thus A Noise Speaks
LGBT’s etnernal theme, coming out to parents. A director chooses shooting a film with her family in order to come out.

A life story of a director’s grandmother. The film has been screened about 40 film festivals all over the world and awarded 24 prizes.

Quite Ordinary
A school boy confesses his romantic feeling for another boy to a highschool teacher, who is a gay.