Program: Short Film Selection B :What it would take her to leave intimacy

猫、飼ってる?/Do You Have A Cat?
監督:ジェイソン・サックス/Dir:Jason Sax
2011|USA|11 min|English

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7/6(Sat) 17:05〜、7/14(Sun) 12:00〜

Do You Have A Cat?
Most women have dozens of dating standards. Marissa has one: You cannot, cannot, own a cat. Violently allergic, she falls from feline-infested beds to dander-infused couches, looking for a love that won’t leave her snot-nosed and sniffling. Getting more and more fed up, she turns to her best friend for advice, but she’s at the end of her rope. Will she find Mr. or Ms. Right before her face explodes?

コーヒー&パイ/COFFEE & PIE
監督:ダグラス・ホーン/Dir:Douglas Horn

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In this self-proclaimed anti-romantic comedy, yet off beat love story of sorts, couple June and October are breaking up. Manipulative June feels her moral superiority, justifies the breakup. A “confucked” October learns from seasoned waitress Billy-Jean, that revenge is a dish best served with pie. A sweet as pie short to be enjyoed all.

私を裸にして/Ta Av Mig (Undress Me)
監督:ビクター・リンドグレン/Dir:Victor Lindgren
2012|Sweden|12 min|Swedish

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Ta Av Mig (Undress Me)
Mikaela changed sex from male to female. One night out she meets a guy who follows her home. The movie Undress me examines our perceptions of gender and how our identity can be formed by the perceptions of others.

ポラロイド・ガール/Polaroid Girl
監督:エイプリル・マクシー/Dir:April Maxey
2012|USA|17 min|English

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Polaroid Girl
Sofie is a shy and timid aspiring photographer when she meets June who runs a vintage camera shop. Something clicks, and as the two take off on a photography mission Sofie learns a thing or two about standing up for herself. Kicking ass, taking names, and getting the girl.

裏切り/Jetzt Aber Ballet (Deep Down Ballet)
監督:イザベル・スーバ/Dir:Isabell uba

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Jetzt Aber Ballet (Deep Down Ballet)
Technical sergeants Löw and Morgenstern are close friends, but during a military exercise their troops have to fight each other. Under the pressure of their comrades, they battle until it no longer matters, who betrayed their friendship at first. c

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