Program: Lengua Materna

ママったらアルゼンチン/LENGUA MATERNA
監督:リリアーナ・パオリネッリ/Dir:Liliana Paolinelli
2010|Argentina|78 min|Spanish
日本初上映/Japan Premier
7/6(Sat) 12:35〜、7/15(Mon) 19:40〜

Estela learns that her daughter Ruth, of around 40 years old, is a lesbian, and that the “friend” that has been living with her during the last 14 years is in fact her girlfriend. After overcoming the shock, Estela tries to understand the rules of an unknown world, getting into it. Meanwhile Ruth, who is going through a difficult moment in her relationship, feels her mother’s curiosity as an intrusion.

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