Guest information: Mr. Angel

We will have a talk event after the screening of “Mr. Angel” (the film will be screened from 6:50pm on Saturday, July 13th) and will welcome Fumino Sugiyama from NPO to be “Heart School” (Haato wo tsunagou gakkou) and Jun☆Nakayama, an aromatherapist esthetician.

“Mr. Angel” is a documentary film which describes half of the life of Buck Angel, an FtM transexual pornstar. Our hosts for this talk event will be Fumino Sugiyama and Jun☆Nakayama. Sugiyama is an MC for “Our Voices”, an NHK TV program, and wrote some books about himself, a person who has gender identity disorder. Nakayama’s notable cosmetic techniques have been welcomed by celebrities in New York, and she takes an active role as a plus-size model. They will have a discussion about the features of the film and Buck Angel’s way of life. Please enjoy this event with the film!