Talk event before the screening of our closing film, “Lengua Materna”!

Prior to the screening of Lengua Materna from 7:40pm on July 15 (Mon), there will be a pre-screening talk by Koyuki Higashi (LGBT activist and former actress of the Takarazuka Revue) and Yuko Masuhara (staff member of “Nijiiro Diversity”). Higashi and Masuhara’s recent same-sex wedding ceremony at the Tokyo Disney Resort became a widely discussed topic, and at the pre-screening talk, they will share their thoughts on their wedding and how they will live their lives from now on.

Koyuki Higashi
LGBT activist. Retired actress who played the male role in the Takarazuka Revue, stage name: Maki Aura. She disclosed her stage name and sexuality in Autumn 2011. Her same-sex wedding ceremony in Tokyo Disney Resort in March 2013, as the first held in Disney venues in Japan, was widely broadcasted by national and international media. Now she actively increasing awareness about LGBT issues through appearances on TV, radio, writing columns, lecture talks and holding LGBT events.

Yuko Masuhara
Born in Yokohama city, Kanagawa in 1977. She is committed to organizing support activities for LGBT while working for an educational IT company. She works as a member of staff in “Nijiiro Diversity” and in charge of organizing lecture talks and training for companies using her experience being employed as a person who came out her sexuality. She also talks about her experiences as one part of lesbian couple. She hopes that her activities will allow society to be come a more comfortable and safe place for LGBT people to live in.