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Girl King
7/18,14:30 7/19,20:50
proudly co-sponsord by the Embassy of Canada.

Queen, the ruler of all she surveys on Queen Island, has had her "treasure" swiped by her old lover, King. She sends Captain Candy to scour the seas to retrieve it, but Captain returns with Butch and Claudia instead. Queen, enamoured with the fine lad, sends Butch to pirate the seas and get back her goods. But what ensues?
Girl King is an erotic fairy tale revolving around gender, that challenges our concepts of male, female, and sex roles. It'll rock you like the waves against a ship. The director, Ileana Pietrobruno, of 1998's Cat Swallows Parakeet and Speaks brings us a radiant masterpiece of the most curious sense. We guarantee the two hot lead performances will melt you.
Dir./Ileana Pietrobruno
2002 / CANADA
miniDV / 80min