Director Cheng Yu-Chieh, who has excelled at depicting interpersonal connections and identity with globally acclaimed movies like Do Over and Yang Yang, picks up the megaphone again for the first time in five years. His latest film depicts the limits of love through a finely detailed storyline. As he shows hints of a mysterious, profound and suspenseful story and the truth is gradually revealed, he leads you to an ending overflowing with warm emotion as he is known for doing.

The starring role is Morning Tzu-Yi Mo, who also teamed up for Do Over. He received high praise for this film as well, winning the 57th Taiwan Academy Award (Golden Horse Award) and the 22nd Taipei Film Award for Best Male Actor. In addition, Taiwan’s national-treasure Shu-Fang Chen, also known as “The Nation’s Grandmother”, shined in her role the grandmother and won Best Supporting Actress at the 57th Taiwan Academy Awards.

If only you were alive…
I just wanted to protect you, beloved—

The young man Jien Yi lives alone as the nurse for Mrs. Chou and cares for her grandson Yo-Yu. They are unrelated by blood but Jien Yi, who should be a renter, looks after the two of them because they are the family of his deceased partner.

Living in the house where he lived, and loving the family that he loved, is the only way for Jien Yi to keep thinking of his partner and keep him alive in his life. And, above all else, to mourn him.
However, one day Chou dies suddenly. Although she was being treated for her illness, Jien Yi is seen as a suspect in her death. The police investigate and discover more and more evidence against Jien Yi and in the end he is charged in court. Despite this, and without a lawyer, Jien Yi decides to accept the penalty. All done with the wholehearted desire to protect the family he loves.(Japan Premiere)

Director,Writer:Yu-Chieh Cheng (鄭有傑)
2020|Taiwan|106 min|Mandarin, Taiwanese

[Drama]/ [G]


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