Other Entertainment

The 30th RRT at the Spiral Hall (Spiral3F) is full of entertainment other than films!! Please enjoy!!

※All booths closes as the last film starts filming.Please be aware that by the end of the last film of the day, all booths will be closed.
※Toilet for wheelchair is located in the Spiral Market at the 2nd floor. This toilet is for everyone.

RRT official goods corner: Kiosk

◆official commemorative goods
◆Books of people who sent us messages
◆loneliness books
◆SEIBUNDO SHINKOSHA Publishing Co., Ltd.

RRT photo panel

You can take memorial photo with your phone at the designated area in Spiral Hall!! We have tools/goods for taking photo, so why don’t you take one? Feel free to ask the staff!!

Other Booths

◆Partner Mutual Aid Nonprofit Organization
Hoist the first rainbow flag in the world of insurance—Our mission is to make our society LGBT-friendly through insurance, that is, in terms of money and health. To achieve this goal, we have specially designed and launched a mutual aid, Partner Kyosai, to help LGBT people take out insurance coverage against their health problems. Our agents do not ask you any irrelevant private questions while interviewing. With common ideals in mind, we strive to make your dream come true, which is also ours. Partner Kyosai, your LGBT-friendly insurance, helps shape and color your love.

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