After settling down at a sheep ranch in Hwacheon five years ago, Jin-woo has been raising his niece Seol like his own daughter with his same-sex partner Hyun-min. One day, Jin-woo’s twin sister Eun-young who is the birth mother of Seol turns up at their doorstep and insists on taking Seol with her. As Jin-woo hesitates to send Seol to Eun-young, Eun-young, out of anger, discloses his relationship with Hyun-min in front of Jin-woo’s neighbors.

Original Title:정말 먼 곳
Director:Park Kun-young
2020|Korea|119 min|Korean
Official Website
[Drama] / [G]

A Distant Place_EN_Trailer from M-Line Distribution on Vimeo.

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