“As We Like It”, a reworking of Shakespeare’s play, tells of the love blossoming between Orlando and Rosalind, who is disguised as a man. Filmmakers Chen Hung-i and Muni Wei opted for an entirely female cast, thereby referencing Shakespeare’s era when women were banned from the stage and all roles were played by men. This colorful, energetic film follows Orlando and Rosalind and three other potential couples in their search for one another. All set in an internet-free neighborhood in the bustling metropolis of Taipei where there is no rush and people consciously live together. Fairy-tale settings, magical meetings, cryptic messages, but also fights, kidnappings and family feuds. The film upends the binary world, making it a loving spectacle with plenty of music and doll-like design.(Japan Premiere)

Original Title:揭大歡喜
Director:Chen Hung-I, Muni Wei
2021|Taiwan|107 min|Mandarin, Taiwanese
Official Website
[Drama] [Comedy] [Romance] / [L] [T]

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