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The 31th Rainbow Reel Tokyo Proposal [Japanese, 1.1M]
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Supported By

“4T”(HIV/AIDS information center for youth FOURTY) / Freixenet Japan / KPMG JAPAN / LGBT Finance (BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd. / Bloomberg L.P. / Citi / Deutsche Bank Group – Japan / J.P. Morgan / Morgan Stanley / Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd. / Nomura Holdings, Inc. / T. Rowe Price Japan, Inc. / UBS Group) / loneliness books / MSD / niji-depot / 9monsters / SEIBUNDO SHINKOSHA Publishing Co., Ltd. / SoftBank Corp.

LGBT Finance
LGBT Finance was established aiming to create a work environment respectful and supportive of the individuality of all financial industry LGBT employees as well as to raise awareness around the subjects impacting the LGBT community at large. This year as well we continue our support for Rainbow Reel Tokyo.

SoftBank Corp.
SoftBank aims to become a company that brings out the possibilities of individuals and organizations to the utmost, and that enables all employees to challenge and succeed. We recognize our employees’ same-sex partners as spouses and apply welfare benefits. The prohibition of discrimination and harassment against sexual minorities is clearly stated in the company regulations. We also have training programs for all employees to raise their awareness. For our customers, their partners are subject to receive various services available to family members, if they have partnership documents issued by municipalities or share the same postal address.

LGBT Finance SoftBank Corp. 9MONSTERS MSD KPMG JAPAN niji-depot