Spiral Hall showings: Ticketing information

※For ticketing information for showings at EuroLive, see here.
※U22 Discount details are here.

Ticket Type & Charge: Date & time Free seating QR code ticket

Ticket typePriceNotes
1,400 Yen

Day of showing
1,700 Yen
※ This ticket has the date and time and a QR code. Non-reserved seating.
※ We will usher ticketholders in the order of your ticket number.
U22 DiscountDay of showing only
500 Yen
※ Restricted to persons age 22 and under (i.e. born January 1, 2000 and later)
※ Not available for all films
※ Present your ID at the box office
Spiral pass voucher
※ Only 100 tickets
8,000 Yen

Day of showing
10,000 Yen
※ This pass will allow you to watch all films at Spiral Hall.
※ VIP entry available
※ This is a voucher. Present the QR code at the box office and receive your Spiral Pass.

※ For ticketing, please use teket (our ticketing system).
※ Ticket for day of showing are sold for films shown that day, starting from the start time of the venue box office.
※ Ticket for day of showing will be sold for films which their pre-sale tickets have sold out.
※ We have no 4 tickets package this year.
※ You will receive a 200 Yen cash-back when you present your ID at the venue box office. This is applicable for students, seniors (age 60 and over), disability card holder, nursing mother ID (愛の手帳), mental disability ID, atomic bomb survivor ID, and one companion. Please note that your film title and ticket number will be recorded when processing your cash-back.
※ For wheelchair seating, please contact us in advance.(FAQ)
※ Tickets are numbered. We will usher you in by your ticket number. Ticket number is the number after the letter.
※ The VIP line is available for Spiral pass holders. Spiral pass holders have preferred entry, followed by pre-sale and general ticket holders and then holders of tickets bought on day of showing.
※ Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged.

Ticketing period(Pre-sale)

From 10:00 July 1, 2023, to 23:59 July 14, 2023

How Ticketing works(Pre-sale)


Spiral pass voucher

※ Pre-sale tickets are available only from teket.
※ For ticketing, you will need to register as a member.
※ For certain payment methods, there may be a separate fee. For details, please see teket’s FAQ page.
※ Please note that ticketing for films at EuroLive is at a different page.
※ Teket is not accessible by non-smartphone mobile phones.
※ For entry, we will need to read the QR code off of your ticket. So, please present this on your smartphone, or print your ticket in PDF that is sent to the email address you provided to us at time of purchase.
※ Some films will be shown multiple times. Please double-check the time and date of your film.
※ Please see our FAQ page.

How Ticketing works(Day of showing)

(Box office hours each day)
 July 15 16:00 onward
 July 16 11:00 onward
 July 17 11:15 onward

Venue and opening hours

・ Venue lobby will open 15 minutes before show time.
・ On July 16th and 17th,if you arrive prior to 11:00 which is the opening hour of Spiral building, you will not be let inside. On July 15th, if you line up before the opening hour of the lobby, and on July 16th and onwards if you line up before the opening hour of Spiral building, you will be disrupting our neighbors. So, kindly refrain from arriving too early.

Other Information

・ Taking pictures, recording, eating and drinking, and smoking are strictly prohibited in the theater. You also may not bring food and drinks into the theater.
・ Ticketing hours and number of tickets sold may change without notice.
・ If you have any questions, contact us via our contact form.

【Contact Form】
・Film Festival contact form(here
・Ticketing inquiries: TEL 050-3183-7215
Weekends & holidays: 13:00~18:00 during film festival hours

※ Please be aware we are only able to respond in Japanese to your inquiries.
※ We will not always be able to take your call. So, we recommend that you use the contact form.
※ If you request a call back, please leave your number when you call us.
※ We will answer questions about our film festival through only our contact form at our website.
※ Please refrain from contacting EuroLive about ticketing and information about this event.

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