宮沢 英樹

Welcome to the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival!
After beginning in a conference room in Nakano back in 1992, this October we will be celebrating at last our 20th anniversary. Over the years, more than 95,000 of you have come to enjoy our films focused on sexual minorities. In the same period, new opportunities to see the films have come to every region of Japan, including Hokkaido, Aomori, Kansai, Kagawa and Fukuoka.
Even the simple holding of a film festival involves numerous tasks such as selecting the films and arranging to have them shipped, producing brochures for distribution, negotiating with sponsors and sending out invitations. From our humble beginnings until now, countless volunteer workers have joined together to make each festival a success. We could never have come this far without the efforts they made, the support provided by committed organizations and corporations, the guests who come to watch the films, or the energy of everyone involved.
The festival highlights films on sexual minorities, but our guests come in many different stripes, including heterosexual, and our aim is to produce a festival that will overcome barriers and be enjoyed together by all. Each time we hear laughter rippling through the seats or glimpse the delighted face of a guest, we feel happy to be approaching ever so closer to our target.
This year and beyond, we hope to continue providing a place where more and more of us can come together to share our joys, sorrows and thoughts. Enjoy the films!

Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Committee Director
Hideki Miyazawa