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アジアン・プレミア / Asian Premier
監督名:フェルナンダ・カルドーゾ / Dir.:Fernanda Cardoso
2010 / USA / 83 min
言語:English / Language:English

憧れの大学生活、そこに待っていたのは… 大人への階段をのぼる青春ラブストーリー

It was the most passionate role of her life, because it was real...
JACKIE KIRK, a 22 year-old ex-television child actress arrives in the mid-west all the way from California.Her greatest wish is to blend in with her peers, however she immediately finds it difficult as she fields the endless parade of stares. During a psychology department mixer Jackie meets CATHERINE STARK, a mysterious teacher in her early thirties with an infamous “lady-killer” reputation. In spite of warnings she received from other students, Jackie falls for Catherine’s charm and the two outsiders begin an instantly intense relationship.