10/8 (sat) 20:25
10/10 (mon) 16:25

アジアン・プレミア / Asian Premier
監督:Q・アラン・ブロッカ / Dir.:Q. Allan Brocka
2011 / USA / 90min
言語:英語 / Language: English



"It is an honor and thrill to be screening my work at the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival again. I have been wanting to visit your festival since my first film screened there in 2000 (Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in all the World). I am such of fan of Japanese culture and cinema and the work that this festival has done and I am looking forward to getting to know its audience"

恋人がいたって関係ナシ! イケメンたちとパーティーだ!
ゲイリゾートに招待されたザックとベンジーのカップル。このチャンスを目いっぱい楽しみたいベンジーは、リゾートにいる間だけは2人の関係を“オープン”にしようとザックに驚きの提案をする。ザックは渋々ながらも同意するが、滞在先のホテルでイケメンとアツアツの元彼ケイシーに遭遇してしまい…。大人気コメディ『Eating Out』シリーズの最新作を最速プレミア上映。恋の炎がメラメラの痛快ドタバタコメディをお楽しみあれ!

Let’s enjoy a party without thinking about your boyfriend!
Zack and Benji open up their relationship for a weekend of fun at a gay resort in Palm Springs. Zack’s ex-boyfriend Casey manages to convince his old high school friend Peter to pretend to be his boyfriend despite Peter's reluctance that it will interfere with his weekend opportunities. As sexual tensions start to mount between Benji and Peter... A sexy and outrageous comedy, "Eating Out: The Open Weekend" serves up plenty of eye candy and raunchy fun along with the pursuit of finding true love.