10/9 (sun) 13:40

ワールド・プレミア / World Premier
監督:梅沢圭 / Dir.:Kei UMEZAWA
2011 / 日本 / 60min.
言語:日本語 / Language:Japanese (with English Subtitle)




So you know what sexuality is? Think again!
An incredibly moving story of making dreams into reality by facing reality

The day is approaching of the sex-change operation for which Itsuki, a math teacher at a public high school in Kyoto, has been waiting for over ten years. Little by little, Itsuki has made her ‘dream of getting a woman’s body’ into reality while confronting the harsh reality of the transgendered. “What is sexuality?” “Can I meet again the person I once was?” new encounters and changing relationships with friends and students lead Itsuki to delve into the origins of who she is.