Program: Short Film Selection A : Encounters from Outside

夜の森/A Night in the Woods
監督:アレクサンダー・L・リー/Dir:Alexander L. Lee
2012|USA|8 min|English
7/5(Fri) 16:25〜、7/13(Sat) 11:45〜

A Night in the Woods
A genderqueer person of color and a young woman of color must learn to overcome their differences to survive the zombie apocalypse.

ドクター・グラマー/Doctor Glamour
監督:アンドリュー・ジョーンズ/Dir:Andrew Jones
2012|USA|14 min|English

Doctor Glamour
A genius scientist contacts another dimension to save the woman he loves, summoning a flamboyant rock n’ roll superhero.

監督:ヴィンセント・フィッツ‐ジム/Dir:Vincent Fitz-Jim
2012|The Netherlands|8 min|

The boy meets a girl but finds himself attracted to the girl’s brother. A tender love story evolves.
Like in a dream the reality of the surroundings disappears, leaving the mysterious beauty of a sweet memory.

監督:グレン・カイセー/Dir:Glenn Kiser
2012|USA|12 min|English

Phillip and Sam grapple with the concept of taking time apart from each other, and dealing with the consequences of coming back together after a mutually agreed-upon separation. Can a relationship, no matter how strong, survive that kind of independence? And does being apart strengthen bonds, or is it inevitably the first step in saying goodbye?

監督:クリストフ・クシュニグ/Dir:Christoph Kuschnig
2012|Austria, USA|17 min|Germany, Serbian

A newborn’s destiny hangs in the balance, as grownups come to terms with what they can’t have.

監督:ダリウス・クラーク・モンロー/Dir:Darius Clark Monroe
2011|USA|13 min|English

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1歳の誕生日/DOL(First Birthday)
監督:アンドリュー・アン/Dir:Andrew Ahn
2011|USA|11 min|English, Korean

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DOL(First Birthday)
Nick is a gay Korean-American man living in Koreatown, Los Angeles with his partner Brian and their dog Chloe. When Nick attends his baby nephew’s ‘dol,’ a traditional Korean first birthday party, he finds himself yearning for a life just out of reach.

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