Program: Mosquita y Mari

モスキータ&マリ/Mosquita y Mari
監督:アウロラ・ ゲレロ /Dir:Aurora Guerrero
2012|USA|85 min|Spanish, English
日本初上映/Japan Premier

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7/5(Fri) 14:25〜、7/14(Sun) 14:10〜

“Mosquita y Mari” is a coming of age story that focuses on a tender friendship between two young Chicanas. Yolanda and Mari are growing up in Huntington Park, Los Angeles and have only known loyalty to one thing: family. Growing up in immigrant households, both girls are expected to prioritize the well-being of their families. Yolanda, an only child, delivers straight A’s and the hope of the American Dream while Mari, the eldest, shares economic responsibilities with her undocumented family who scrambles to make ends meet.

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