Other entertainment

The 27th Rainbow Reel Tokyo (RRT) ~Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (TILGFF)~ is full of entertainment other than films!! Please enjoy!!

Special booth at the Spiral Hall

There are many kinds of booths at the Spiral Hall waiting for you!
※All booths including the bar counter closes as the last film starts filming.
Please be aware that by the end of the last film of the day, all booths will be closed.

–Toilet for wheelchair–
Toilet for wheelchair is located in the Spiral Market at the 2nd floor. This toilet is for everyone.

RRT (TILGFF) official goods corner: Kiosk

You can find “Kiosk” at the left side of entrance, which sells many kinds of RRT (TILGFF) official commemorative goods that are suitable for souvenir!! For further information of goods, click the link below♪

Bar counter

We provide free soft drink/alcohol beverages at the bar counter located in the farther right side of Spiral Hall for those who chip in for RRT (TILGFF). Why don’t you enjoy cold drinks before watching film?
※Eating/drinking is prohibited inside of the theater. Please finish all beverages before enjoying the theater.
Bar counter supported byFreixenet.

Sponsor’s booth

We’ve received so many sponsorships this year too!! Please enjoy their booths!!

① niji-depot
“niji-depot” is the only store in Japan which sells rainbow accessories for LGBT people and Allies.
In October 2017 our name changed from “L&G Timpani”.
You can find our original handmade rainbow accessories at our booth on the left side of the foyer upon entering. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

② RRT (TILGFF) official goods corner: Kiosk

③ HIV/AIDS information center for youth FOURTY ※7/15 Only.

④ News Cafe ※7/14~7/16 Only.
News café, which serves delicious American foods, has been supported by many customers since 1995. Its pop-up store with voluminous sandwiches will open at RRT between the 14th and 16th.
Please enjoy foods in the foyer before the movies or during the breaks as eating/drinking inside the theatre is prohibited.


⑥ One’s People

RRT (TILGFF) photo panel

You can take memorial photo with your phone at the designated area in Spiral Hall!! We have tools/goods for taking photo, so why don’t you take one? Feel free to ask the staff!!