Until Rainbow Dawn

7/8 15:00~ @Tokyo Women’s Plaza Hall

☆All non-English films have English subtitles.

Dir:Mika IMAI
2018|JAPAN|63min|Japanese sign language • Japanese
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Hana Takahashi and Ayumi Hoshino, both deaf girls, meet each other through a sign language group.
Hana, although confused due to the fact of being attracted to a woman, starts dating Ayumi. Hana goes back to her parents to tell them about dating Ayumi – her mother would not accept it. Although disappointed by the rejection, Hana cannot break up with Ayumi. Ayumi, whom cannot stand her friend’s suffering, invites Hana to a “deaf LGBT event” held in Tokyo. The girls meet deaf LGBT individuals, living positively beyond their own worries. Nervous at first, they gradually open their hearts.