About screenings

QI would like to see non-English language films. Are they shown with English subtitles?
All the films screened at the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival are available in both Japanese and English.
All non-Japanese language films are shown with Japanese subtitles and English subtitles are provided with all non-English language films.

For visitors using wheelchairs

QCan I watch films while using a wheelchair?
Yes. Please contact us through the phone number on your ticket by your mobile phone upon your arrival. Our staff will come to the entrance and bring you to your seat.
(For inquiries about tickets and wheelchairs: 070-1456-2300)

About taking photos at the venue

QCan I lake photos at the venue of the film festival?
Photography is not prohibited in the foyer and lobby. However, please refrain from taking photos without permission from the people photographed and uploading the photos to the Internet (including Facebook, twitter and other SNS) without permission. The rules on taking videos are the same as those for photography.
Also, in the movie hall during a screening, please refrain from taking photos, both video and audio recording, eating, drinking and smoking

Food & Drink During Screenings

QCan we bring food & drinks into the theater?
A Please refrain from bringing food & drinks into the theater.

About purchasing tickets

QHow much is the handling charge when purchasing tickets at Ticket Pia?
A Purchasing tickets via Ticket Pia include online, telephone reservation, and in-store purchase at stores and convenience stores methods.
The handling fee and shipping fee will depend on the method of purchase, payment, and receipt option chosen. Please check before you purchase tickets.

About a Four-Screening Pass

QWhat is a Four-Screening Pass?
You can exchange a Four-Screening Pass for four Single Tickets which can be used for films screened at Spiral Hall.
The price of a Four-Screening Pass is more reasonable than purchasing 4 individual tickets and you can share the tickets with other people. You can exchange the pass for Single Tickets for use on other dates as well and do not need to receive the tickets all at once.
Kindly be informed that a Four-Screening Pass itself is not for film-specific use, and it should be exchanged for Single Tickets before watching any films.
Please note that we may be unable to exchange a Four-Screening Pass to Same-Day Tickets in the event that Same-Day Tickets have sold-out.
You can exchange the pass at our festival counter in Spiral Hall anytime after the counter opens on Friday, July 12th.
We will inform you of the festival counter’s opening time on our website soon.
This pass cannot be exchanged for tickets for films screening at Tokyo Women’s Plaza.

About ticket notation

QWhat do the letters and numbers on the bottom of each ticket indicate?
A The numbers are used as reference numbers at the door. We announce the number and ask guests to enter the hall in that order to avoid a crowded entrance.
The letters are for our internal use to track sales locations, and therefore they are not used at the door. The numbers used for entering the screening hall are counted from 1 regardless of where tickets were purchased.

To news reporters and media

As this film festival focuses on the theme of sexuality, we need your cooperation for the protection of the audience’s privacy.
Please understand that any use of cameras and video recorders are prohibited unless you obtain permission and a press armband from us after signing a privacy policy statement.
If you plan to cover the film festival or interview our guest at the film festival, please contact us beforehand.

■ Kindly complete registration for news reporting and media from this form: Registration Form for News Reporters and Media
Contact form for press