Support RRT

Support RRT

The 28th Rainbow Reel Tokyo –Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival– Proposal [5.0M]

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Aniplex Inc. / BOYS / Freixenet Japan Inc / Fuyuki Kanai『LONG WAY HOME』 / G-NOVELS / his / LOVE PIECE CLUB / manmaraman / NOT ALONE CAFE / Over Magazine,Inc / Rocketman / Senlis inc. / THOUSANDS OF BOOKS / Tokyo AIDS Awareness Center Fourty / Until Rainbow Dawn

  • Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo is the Automotive brand with a strong unique personality. This is why we value diversity and support non profit organizations and activities aiming to increase inclusivity in Japan, since 2011, within our project “Be Yourself ” .
  • Aflac

    Aflac, the first company to offer cancer insurance in Japan, pioneered the development of “Insurance for Living.” We hope to help our customers live their lives the way they choose by alleviating their anxiety about cancer and other diseases, injuries, and nursing care as much as we can. This core sentiment continues to flow through Aflac as strong as ever. As the leading “Insurance for Living” company, Aflac will continue to create and promote products and services that anticipate the needs of changing times while placing a high value on empathy for our customers. To have each of our customers lead a fulfilling life in a way they choose. This is Aflac’s desire.
  • SoftBank Corp.

    SoftBank aims to become a company that brings out the possibilities of individuals and organizations to the utmost, and that enables all employees to challenge and succeed.
    We recognize our employees’ same-sex partners as spouses and apply welfare benefits. The prohibition of discrimination and harassment against sexual minorities is clearly stated in the company regulations. We also have training programs for all employees to raise their awareness.
    For our customers, their partners are subject to receive various services available to family members, if they have partnership documents issued by municipalities or share the same postal address.