Social Media Policy

March 1, 2016
NPO Rainbow Reel Tokyo
Rainbow Reel Tokyo Social Media Policy

1. Purpose of Use of Social Media
The main purpose of the official accounts on Facebook and Twitter or other social networking services is to publicize our activity and events. We will manage social media properly and equitably under this policy, to report the situation of sexual minorities to people in our society.

2. Five rules that we live by
(1) Responsibility of origin
・Since social media is accessible to anyone, we promise to transmit information, that cannot be erased, on the internet with proper consideration.
・We promise that we will only distribute verified information.
・Our staff, including volunteers, act as representatives of our group; and the transmission of information shall be handled with consideration of all parties’ interests.
・We aim to establish a good relationship with users and recognize these results as a major contribution to the vitality of our group activities via social media.

(2) Sincere efforts
・We aim to actively listen and accept comments from our users.
・If mistakes occur in our information, we will not delete the mistake, instead we will identify and admit the error, make the necessary corrections and apologize for the misinformation.
・Our staff will be held personally liable for any information shared via personal accounts.

(3) Data protection
・We will protect private information of all parties involved. We will neither inquire about nor release private information without permission.
・We will not disclose details of information which has not been officially released without the permission of all related parties.
・We will neither infringe upon the copyrights or profits of third parties, nor purposely issue libelous or misleading statements regarding the same.

(4) Providing Value
・We provide information in efforts to improve the cooperation and understanding of all groups involved, with the aims of educating, improving the status and maintaining the integrity of sexual minorities.
・It is our wish that this information would provide opportunities for mutual understanding and assistance and the gaining of further information. It is our hope to make use of social media to widely disseminate such information.

(5) Legal Compliance
・We respect relevant laws, whether domestic or international.
・We will cite the sources of all parties involved with any information we release.

3. Notification
・Please understand that the information distributed by organization staff members through social media does not necessarily constitute official views or responses.
・We take the liberty to quote from posts or contributions from outside users.
・Posted information may be changed without previous notice.
・We may not be available to respond individually to all questions and comments posted on the social media.
・We are not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from trouble among users.
・Accounts may be deleted without notice.

4. About Deletion
・We may delete without notice any post which we regard as inappropriate.
For example:
Posts unrelated to the account
Slanderous posts
Posts including illegal information and/or indecent content
Posts carrying computer virus
Posts distributing false information
Any other post that we regard inappropriate

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