U22 Discount

Ticket Discount

Guests who are born on or after January 1, 1996, may purchase one ticket per showing for the films below on the dates and times below on the day of showing at 500 Yen per ticket.
Rainbow Reel Tokyo is filmgoer-friendly film festival. Our aim is to bring LGBT+ films from around the world to a broader audience.

Date and time of showing Film Tickets go on sale at Planned no of tickets
2019/7/6 Sat 10:30 TransMilitary 10:00 on day of showing 80
2019/7/13 Sat 11:30 Wild Nights with Emily 11:00 on day of showing 80
2019/7/14 Sun 11:30 QUEER×APAC 2019
~Asia-Pacific Shorts~
11:00 on day of showing 80
2019/7/15 Mon 11:40 Between the Seasons 11:10 on day of showing 80
2019/7/15 Mon 14:25 Athlete 13:55 on day of showing 80

※ It can be quite crowded just before the start of our films. Please arrive early.
※ Please present a valid ID (student ID, resident card, etc) at the U22 Discount Desk. We take all necessary privacy measures when we check your date of birth.
※ U22 Discount is not available for pre-sale tickets.


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