+ " Is it not a joy when a friend comes from afar?" (The Analects)
Love's Debris
Director: Werner Schroeter
1996 France/Germany 120' 35mm color in English,French, German and Italian with Japanese and English subtitles
East Palace, West Palace
Director: Zhang Yuan
1996 China 90' 35mm color in Mandarin
with Japanese and English subtitles
Hide and Seek
Director: Su Friedrich
1996 USA 65' 16mm b&w
Interview with Su Fredrich
Full Speed
Director: Gael Morel
1996 France 85' 35mm color
in French with Japanese and English subtitles
Brazil Diversidade :
Short Works from MIX Brazil
British Gay TV
Interview with Jackie Laurence
Cat Swallows Parakeet....
And Speaks!
Director: Ileana Pietrobruno
1996 Canada 75' 16mm b&w, color
Dandy Dust
Director: Hans Scheirl
1998 UK, Austria 94' 16mm color
Interview with Hans Scheirl
The Delta
Director: Ira Sachs
1996 USA 85' 16mm color
Director: Ryoya Shigeno
1997 Japan 52' Video Color
Interview with Masaya Muraishi
Four Seasons : European Gay Shorts Funny Bone : Lesbian Shorts
Interview with@Shari Frilot
Japanese Lesbian Videos Leather Jacket Love Story
Director:David DeCoteau
1997 USA 85' 16mm B&W
Like It Is
Director: Paul Oremland
1997 UK 90' 16mm color
Not Love, Just Frenzy
Director: Alfonso Albacete,
Miguel Bardem,David Menkes
1996 Spain 103' 35mm color in Span with Japanese & English subtitles
Murder and Murder
Director: Yvonne Rainer
1996 USA 113' 16mm color
My Friend is Positive
Director: AIDS Poster Project
1998 Japan 19' video color in Japanese with English subtitles
Not Sinmply Wedding Banquet
Dir. Mickey Chen and Ming-Hsiu Chen
1997 Taiwan 50' video color in Mandarin with Japaneseand English subtitles

Sun Flowers
Director: Shawn Hainsworth
1996 USA 50' video color
Queer Icons
La Sirene (The Siren)
Director: Philippe Lioret 1994 France 4'02" 35mm
B&W in French with Japanese and English su Jodie: An Icon Director: Pratibha Parmar 1996 UK 24' video color
Rock Hadson's Home Movie
Director: Mark Rappaport 1992 USA 63' 16mm color
Wounded Senses
Chronic Director: Jeniffer Reeves
1996 USA 38' 16mm b&w
Groove on a Stanley Knife
Director: Tinge Krishnan and Beth Kotler
1997 UK 42' 16mm color
Japanese Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Contest


(C) Tokyo International L&G Film&Video Festival