Rainbow Reel starts tomorrow!

The 28th Rainbow Reel Tokyo “Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival” starts at Woman’s Plaza Hall tomorrow on Friday, July 5th.

Sale of same-day tickets and vouchers for Festival Passes are available at the times below.

Woman’s Plaza Hall: Window Hours & Sale Hours:

Friday, July 5th
18:30 Windows open
19:40 Sales end

Saturday, July 6th
10:00 Windows open
19:00 Sales end

* This indicates ticket sales hours for the day of showing.
* At Spiral Hall, only pre-sale tickets of shows will not be sold.

Furthermore, at the venues cold air-conditioning will be running at all times, so this may cause you to feel cold indoors. We recommend that you bring a light sweater/jumper with you.

* * * * *

This year’s 28th Film Festival will be 12 programs and 16 films.
On our line-up, we proudly announce that one film is a world premiere and 10 are Japan premieres.
We bring films to you from afar and close that resonate.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our Film Festival!