Information on Venue Hours at Spiral Hall during the Film Festival

Venue hours during Fri July 12th through Mon (holiday) July 15th.

Spiral Hall showings venue hours

Fri July 12th
19:00 ~ 20:30
(※ Doors open at 19:00. Tickets collected starting at 19:30)

Sat July 13th
11:00 ~ 21:45
(※ Doors open at 11:00. Tickets collected starting at 11:05)

Sun July 14th
11:00 ~ 21:00
(※ Doors open at 11:00. Tickets collected starting at 11:05)

Mon (holiday) July 15th
11:00 ~ 19:35
(※ Doors open at 11:00. Tickets collected starting at 11:15)

From 7pm Fri July 12th, we will start distributing our Festival Pass and Spiral Four-Screening Pass(), and tickets for all showings will go on sale (these tickets are non pre-sale priced tickets).
() voucher for 4 showings at Spiral Hall

Also, tickets will also be available for showings for which pre-sale tickets are sold out!

For information on sales of same-day tickets, please see our Twitter account (Mainly in Japanese). Up-to-date information will be published on our various accounts until the end of our Film Festival.

Pre-sale tickets for Spiral Hall showings will end soon!!

Tokyo Woman’s Plaza Hall showing have ended. Thank you! We had a full house!

Next showings will be at Spiral Hall on Fri July 12th through 15th (holiday/Mon). Pre-sale tickets for these showings will also end soon.
If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets, please do soon!!

<Spiral Hall Pre-Sale Tickets>

Tickets are available at Ticket PIA until 23:59 on Tue July 9th,
and at Lumiere Department Store (Shinjuku) and MINA-TO (Spiral Hall 1st Floor) through Wed July 10th during business hours.

Some tickets are already sold out. Some shows are almost sold out. If there are any films you’d like to see, please make your purchase soon!

※ For more details, please go to the Tickets page! Thank you.

Regarding English subtitles of “Sauvage”

We deeply apologize that due to unexpected circumstances, “Sauvage” will NOT be shown with English subtitles as previously announced. The film will be shown only with Japanese subtitles (the original language is French).

If you wish to get a refund on your ticket, please come to the reception desk during the film festival with your ticket.

For inquiry and question regarding this matter, please contact us;

Thank you for your understanding.

Rainbow Reel starts tomorrow!

The 28th Rainbow Reel Tokyo “Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival” starts at Woman’s Plaza Hall tomorrow on Friday, July 5th.

Sale of same-day tickets and vouchers for Festival Passes are available at the times below.

Woman’s Plaza Hall: Window Hours & Sale Hours:

Friday, July 5th
18:30 Windows open
19:40 Sales end

Saturday, July 6th
10:00 Windows open
19:00 Sales end

* This indicates ticket sales hours for the day of showing.
* At Spiral Hall, only pre-sale tickets of shows will not be sold.

Furthermore, at the venues cold air-conditioning will be running at all times, so this may cause you to feel cold indoors. We recommend that you bring a light sweater/jumper with you.

* * * * *

This year’s 28th Film Festival will be 12 programs and 16 films.
On our line-up, we proudly announce that one film is a world premiere and 10 are Japan premieres.
We bring films to you from afar and close that resonate.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our Film Festival!