Pre-sale tickets for Spiral Hall showings will end soon!!

Tokyo Woman’s Plaza Hall showing have ended. Thank you! We had a full house!

Next showings will be at Spiral Hall on Fri July 12th through 15th (holiday/Mon). Pre-sale tickets for these showings will also end soon.
If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets, please do soon!!

<Spiral Hall Pre-Sale Tickets>

Tickets are available at Ticket PIA until 23:59 on Tue July 9th,
and at Lumiere Department Store (Shinjuku) and MINA-TO (Spiral Hall 1st Floor) through Wed July 10th during business hours.

Some tickets are already sold out. Some shows are almost sold out. If there are any films you’d like to see, please make your purchase soon!

※ For more details, please go to the Tickets page! Thank you.